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"My name is Alison Donnini, and I ask you to join me in supporting a veterans organization.  I am 16 years old and entering my senior year a
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"My name is Alison Donnini, and I ask you to join me in supporting a veterans organization.  I am 16 years old and entering my senior year at Seaholm high school in Birmingham, Michigan. I live in Michigan now but I was born in San Clemente, California.  My family was living in California when I was born because my dad was a United States Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton.

My dad’s service as a Marine is an important part of my family history.  Both my dad and my mom have great memories of their time at Marine Corps and Navy bases in Quantico, Virgina, Newport, Rhode Island and Camp Pendleton and strong feelings for the military families that they lived and worked among.  They have witnessed firsthand the sacrifices the members of the armed forces make and have passed on stories of these sacrifices to me and to my brothers.  I feel like this has taught us the importance of patriotism and service to our country.

One of our family traditions is to honor service members and veterans through a volunteer activity every Memorial Day. We have cleaned parks and other public places, planted flags and volunteered at veteran’s organizations.   For Memorial Day 2018, we volunteered at an organization called Vets Returning Home.

Vets Returning Home is a nonprofit organization located in Roseville, Michigan, which is dedicated to helping veterans transition into stable lives and to end homelessness among veterans in our community.  Vets Returning Home is able to provide a sober living environment for 43 veterans at a time and to offer these men and women the tools and support they need to transition back into society, such as help with medical care/coordination with the VA hospitals, transportation and clothes for interviews and assistance in finding jobs and writing resumes.

Spending Memorial Day working at Vets Returning Home had a huge impact on me.  I was able to cook and serve breakfast for the veterans and to learn about their lives and hear the stories of their service.  I have been back to Vets Returning Home twice since Memorial Day and have been able to take a tour and talk with more veterans about their experiences.   I am very happy there is an organization like Vets Returning Home in our community but was surprised to learn that Vets Returning Home receives NO federal or state funding.   They are funded entirely by private donations.   I want to help.

On August 4th, I am running The Legend half marathon (13.1 miles) in Lansing with my dad as a way to help support Vets Returning Home.  My goal is to raise money by collecting pledges on a per mile basis. The thought of a veteran, who was willing to sacrifice his or her life for our country, not having the basic essentials of life following their years of service, is not something that I am willing to accept.  We can do better for our Veterans.  In this small way, I am hoping that together we can raise enough money for Vets Returning Home to make a true difference in the lives of even one more veteran who needs a little bit of help transitioning back into society.

 I ask that you please consider supporting me as I attempt to support them.  You can pledge a per mile dollar amount or a dollar contribution paid by check made out to Vets Returning Home.  I will collect the checks and deliver all checks to them.  In the alternative, Vets Returning Home has posted this story on their webpage with the option to donate in support of my race.  The link below will direct you to the Vets Returning Home web page.  Thank you!"